Improve time to hire & quality of hire

86% of recruiting professionals say that using a recruitment CRM has helped them hire faster. 78% of recruiters say that using a recruitment CRM has improved the quality of candidates they hire.


In short, a recruitment CRM should help you find the best hires, in the shortest amount of time, for the least amount of money. It will also enable you to own the whole recruiting process.

Using a recruitment CRM has positive impact on hiring

94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say a recruitment CRM has positively impacted their hiring process.

Recruitment software improves time to hire

86% of recruiting professionals say that using a recruitment software has helped them hire faster.

Recruitment software improves the quality of hire

78% of recruiters say that using an ATS has improved the quality of candidates they hire.

Complete visibility in your pipeline

Clarity where you need it the most. Easily understand your health of your candidate pipeline. Customisable candidate pipeline stages. Easy and intuitive to use.

Track your candidate's entire journey

Activity log to record all the messages and actions taken on the candidate. Every touchpoint is captured and recorded.

Powerful candidate profiles

All candidate information is at your fingertips. Store, view and search CV’s and other files. Add notes, send emails and all activity is recorded on the activity log. Change job stage, schedule interviews, disqualify from jobs and create tasks with just a click.

Candidate notes

Add notes and files to candidate record. Easily collaborate and @tag your team to notify them.

Candidate Submission

Send candidate CV’s to clients with just a few clicks. Save time and send multiple CV’s to your client with just a couple of clicks.

Integrated Task Manager

Manage, assign and track tasks. Add tasks on your candidates and never miss an opportunity.

Powerful Email Templates

Use email templates to make sending personalised emails a breeze. Send personalised emails to multiple candidates in bulk, saving you loads of time.

Bulk Emails

Sending emails one by one can become very time consuming. Time that can be used to do more valuable things like talking to clients and candidates. To help you save time we’ve built a bulk email feature that integrates with email templates so that the emails are personalised.

Job Posting

Quickly post jobs to your website and start receiving candidates straight on your dashboard. All applications are stored, reviewed, screened, tracked and communicated.