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Stats Overview

The Stats Overview provides a quick view of key data from your ongoing marketing and business development efforts. It’s a time saver for busy admins who need to quickly check a site’s status and move on, if all is well.

For example, if you know there should be 17 modules active, the number 16 in that position would be a red flag. An unusually large drop in the average conversion rate could indicate that some modules are not functioning. If a site normally converts 10 users a week, and the date of the last conversion was five days ago, something is definitely not right.

The stats overview displays the following information:

Active modules (1) – This is the number of modules currently engaging users. A site may have many modules, but only those currently in use will be displayed. Inactive modules are displayed in the overview panels below the Stats overview.

Last Conversion (2) – The date of the last conversion.

Average Conversion Rate (3) – The average conversion rate—the percentage of site visitors who complete a transaction (make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.)— is the fundamental indicator of a site’s performance.

Total Conversions (4) – The total number of conversions for the site.

Most Conversions (5) – The name of the module that produced the most conversions. It’s very valuable to know which modules are most effective with your audience.