While many employers had to pause or scale back recruiting in light of COVID-19, contract management software provider Icertis is in the midst of a hiring surge. “This is our opportunity to reach out to top candidates and build our talent pool,” says Neha Kalbande, HR Manager at Icertis.

We sat down with Neha to discuss why they think it’s important to respond to Glassdoor reviews and how they invest in their employer brand in a meaningful way.

GD: What role does Glassdoor play when building your employer brand?

NK: We invest in very few platforms to help us connect with top talent and Glassdoor is one of them. Outside of our career page, Glassdoor is the most important medium to promote our work culture and give insight into how we treat our employees.

In the past 6-9 months, we saw an increase in our Glassdoor rating from 3.8 to 4.2. We work hard to keep employees engaged. We know that top talent is paying attention.

GD: How do you leverage Glassdoor?

NK: Our appearance on Glassdoor is our top priority. I would share a few recommendations:

  • Keep your Glassdoor profile updated. From product launches to team parties to COVID-19 response, it’s important to give your followers a peek at what’s going on in your organization.
  • Leverage Glassdoor data and analytics. It allows you to see shifts in trends and identify areas for improvement.
  • Respond to Glassdoor reviews, positive or negative. Be honest and genuine in your response, don’t rely on pre-designed templates. We partner with department leaders to make sure every review is heard and receives an appropriate response.

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GD: What are the top candidates looking for?

NK: I could not stress enough the importance of company culture and values. Time after time, we learn that people chose us because of that. Our values of fairness, openness, respect, teamwork, and execution – FORTE – are used every day to guide our decision-making, from Board-level discussions to front line teams.

We are still a young and privately owned company, and it’s not always easy to compete against established enterprises for top talent, but we aim to be authentic. We make sure everyone from our receptionists to the C-suite embraces our values in every decision they make.

GD: We are having this conversation in the midst of COVID-19. How is Icertis affected?

NK: We are in a fortunate position to be expanding. In fact, we just enabled the Hiring Surge badge on Glassdoor to help job seekers easily identify that we are recruiting. The current health crisis is a devastating situation for all people and businesses but we are fortunate to be in a category that continues to grow. Glassdoor gives us an opportunity to reach out to great candidates and build the talent pipeline. 

GD: What initiatives have you embraced in light of this crisis?

NK: There are four areas of responsibility as we see it: ourselves, our families, our communities, and our business.

We enabled working from home very early in the pandemic to protect our employees and their families. We are also actively finding ways of giving back to our community: from the U.S. to Europe or India, we are partnering with charities to support those in need. Finally, as a business, we are fortunate to have the necessary tools to enable productive remote work and continue successful performance.

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