In a recession, it’s more crucial than ever that your business has a reputation for being a great place to work so you draw the very best candidates from a pool of many looking for work. Savvy job seekers – a.k.a. the ones you want working for your company – have come to expect an insider view of what it’s like to work at your organization, plus details on your leadership and business initiatives underway.

With a Glassdoor Free Employer Account, you can create a compelling profile that showcases all of that and more – even if your team is lean and mean. Here are five ways to boost your employer brand with a minimal amount of time and effort:

1. Showcase your company’s value

At minimum: It’s easy to go from blank-slate to an engagingly branded profile. Just follow the prompts when claiming your Glassdoor Free Employer Account to add your website link, location, industry and corporate logo. You may also verify your CEO’s name, number of employees and year founded, further fortifying organizational value and brand.

If you have an hour: Flesh out the robust About Your Company section to introduce your business’s ‘why’ and ‘what’ to job seekers, as well as your mission statement. You may also want to include popular benefits and perks to further attract right-fit job seekers. And bring your workplace culture alive by displaying company photos and regularly engaging with your audience through the Company Updates feature.

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2. Tend to your reviews

At minimum: Proactively manage your reviews and invite others to monitor your reputation. Respond directly to employee perspectives to reveal your transparency and willingness to address both the positive and negative comments.

If you have an hour: The opportunity to embrace employee feedback abounds: learn what employees value about your company culture, leadership style and opportunities for advancement (or lack thereof) abounds. You may also vet actionable advice to implement into your interview or recruiting process or some other area of opportunity.

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3. Gain competitive intelligence

At minimum: It’s important to understand how you stack up against others in your space. Use your Free Employer Account to gain some competitive marketplace intelligence so you have an accurate picture of the companies with which you compete for talent. It will help immensely in shaping conversations with the highly sought-after candidates you want to hire and retain.

If you have an hour: Create a “Competitive Benefits Battlecard” that clearly articulates why the benefits of working at your company win out over key competitors in your industry. Having a cheat sheet like this at your fingertips can be a powerful tool for brushing up on the many pros of working for your company when negotiating with candidates to whom you’ve made an offer or current talent considering another offer.

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4. Improve your job titles and descriptions

At minimum: Job titles and descriptions can be either magnetic or problematic. To ensure yours are the former, create a Glassdoor Free Employer Account to unearth which jobs are being clicked on most frequently and which job descriptions perform best (and worst).

If you have an hour: When developing titles for your open positions, make each post findable and trackable by choosing descriptive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords. But keep in mind that your job description still must read as a clear and concise piece of writing. Review your first draft and ask yourself whether or not this is a job you could see yourself getting excited about if you were in a prospective candidate’s shoes.

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To get involved in the conversation on Glassdoor and start managing and promoting your employer brand reputation, unlock your Free Employer Account today.

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