11. Building and Maintaining a (Professional) Relationship With Your Recruiter

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No longer fulfilled in your current role? Longing for a new challenge? Dread going back to work every Monday morning? – all signs you probably should look for a new job! The problem is, where do you start with it all!? With so much to do day to day – such as holding down a job, maintaining a relationship or dating, maybe it includes raising children, family time and trying to have some sort of social life or ‘me’ time – there is already so much to do! Who has the time to job hunt!? Well, that is where Recruitment Agencies and Recruitment Consultants come in to play – we are here to make your quest for career satisfaction a whole lot easier for you!

Recruitment Agencies and Recruiters ultimately act as the middle man (or middle woman!) between you and the client (and helps you identify and secure the role of your dreams!) – Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, it is! But how important is building and maintaining a healthy relationship between you and the agency and Recruitment Consultant representing you?

The answer is, it is VITAL! For you to get the most out of the recruitment experience all parties need to be fully invested from the beginning to the end of the process and even beyond that. As with all relationships, it is built upon good communication, trust and honesty (of course amongst other factors!)  But these 3 are KEY, all 3 also work both ways! 

Good Communication:

Communication needs to be consistent and two-way throughout the recruitment process – it could just be a brief phone call here and there between you and the Recruiter representing you to check in with an update, even if there is no new information it is comforting to know you haven’t been forgotten. There is nothing worse than going for an interview and hearing nothing back! A great Recruiter will constantly keep you updated, keep you in the loop and reassure you that your best interests are always their top priority. You shouldn’t have to be chasing them! The right Recruiter will deliver any news and updates from the client to you as soon as they get them.


What is any relationship without trust!? Your career is such a hugely important element of your life, is that something you want to place into the hands of someone you don’t feel you can trust!? NOPE! And no Recruiter should ever make you feel like you can’t trust them, if you do feel the element of trust is lacking – walk away! There will always be another agency and another Recruiter that can help you. Transparency between you and your Recruiter is key throughout the recruitment process. You should know exactly where your CV is going at all times, you should know what clients your Recruiter is in discussions with and most importantly trust that they know what they are doing.


All healthy relationships should be built on honesty. Honesty and trust go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other – and without either of these a good professional relationship will definitely not be established. If your Recruiter feels they are unable to help you achieve your career goals they should be honest and upfront from the get – go, not promise you the World and then fail to deliver on what has been promised. There is of course the element of being realistic too with what it is you hope to achieve, but a great Recruiter will be honest! With trust and good communication a more realistic goal can be identified and achieved.

By building a strong, professional relationship with the agency and Recruiter representing you, you will have a Lifetime Career Coach and all the support and guidance you need throughout your career!

Here at Calco our mission is ‘Enhancing careers, strengthening businesses and building the future’ we cannot achieve this without communication, trust and honesty with all those we work with. We aim to deliver a bespoke recruitment experience, catering to each individual, we identify their needs, get to know what it is they want and we aim to provide the ultimate recruitment experience delivered with dedication every time!




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